He's a Dad

Monkit is a very good Dad, he takes care of baby kits and still has time to do his thing...Outside walks, sleeping in anyone's bed lol.

He's a Dentist too :)

Most cats never like their teeth being cleaned BUT Monkit will force the issue with teeth hygiene. He always likes his teeth done

Going for walks too :)

Walks everyday with Lady Cat helping him stay in great shape. He also keeps his patrolling area under watch too. He's pissed if he don't walk!

Monkit  a Gentle Seal point Siamese Giant. :)


Here's the Clowder                     (family)

There is so much more to see & learn where Monkit & the Clowder are concerned. Each week new topics, vids & photos.

Strawberry Boy!

Monkit is a fruit lover too and if there's a tray of berries he'll definitely guard them with all his strength :)

Loves Car Rides

He loves car rides and is a really good passenger. He just looks and takes it all in. This funny cats a  happy chap :)

Monkit a Rare cat who cleans his teeth

 Monkit the  gentle giant of the Wildshire Clowder where

Everybody gets on well with no paws for concern. It's Furrball heaven :)